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By Dr. Pete Sulack 18 October 2012 | Comments Off

By Dr. Pete Sulack-

From such high-profile personalities as Olympic medal winner DeeDee Trotter to  our recent guest—strength and conditioning expert Chip Pugh—the Kingdom Business Life radio program is expanding the ministry of Matthew 10 International.

Our goal is to challenge listeners to achieve all they can for God’s kingdom as they do what God created them to do. A primary avenue to peak performance in one’s personal and spiritual life is following good health practices, a topic on many of our programs.

Premiering last April, the program airs Saturdays at 10 a.m. over Joy 620 AM in Knoxville, Tennessee. However, you can tune in to broadcasts from anywhere in the world through the site and on iTunes or other podcasting platforms.

Co-host (and business partner) Dr. Barrett Deubert and I have thoroughly enjoyed interviewing leading experts in various fields. We aren’t limited to health, also exploring sound business practices and spiritual subjects.

For example, Pugh not only helps athletes at Tennessee Tech get in shape. The founder of Crossfit Faith explained daily faith workouts to our audience. Prior to her appearance at the 2012 Summer Olympics, DeeDee Trotter explained her path to the world-class level in track, and how that included divine direction.

Among other guests:

  • Syndicated radio host Dr. Josh Axe. A nationally-known speaker, the Nashville  physician is committed to freeing people from health problems so they can achieve their full potential.
  • Olympic-level wrestler J.D. Bergman, winner of the John Smith Award as “Freestyle Wrestler of the Year” in 2010.
  • Former major league pitcher Juan Guzman, who played with such teams as the Toronto Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles and Cincinnati Reds.
  • Righ O’Leary, the founder of Feeding the Orphans. He and his wife organized this ministry soon after adopting their second son from Ghana, Africa.
  • New York Times bestselling author Jordan Rubin, who hosts a weekly TV show that reaches more than 30 million households worldwide.

The common thread running through all our programs is the message that excellence in every field of endeavor lines up with a walk of faith.

That is why the KBL web site is a complete portal, with additional resources to help you answer God’s call on your life.

In addition to listening to the podcast on line, we would appreciate you leaving a review in iTunes and praying for this outreach. We are praying that other stations across the country will pick up the program and allow our message to reach further.

Not only are we proclaiming the gospel of salvation, hope, health, and blessing, we are asking God to use Kingdom Business Life to create a movement of people committed to doing God’s work. We want to promote the ideals of serving the poor, helping orphans, training pastors, and sharing the Good News.

We hope the idea of joining this network of believers excites you as much as it does the team at our ministry! If you would like to give to help continue the work of Kingdom Business Life, click on this link.

Going to India

A reminder that our next community-wide festival for India is rapidly approaching. The Sunday after Thanksgiving, the Matthew 10 team will leave for Srikakulam.

We are still seeking sponsors for the transportation ministry that will enable residents of the region who don’t own a vehicle to attend. For just $50, you can sponsor a truck that will carry 100 people to the 80,000-seat venue. Donations will also be used for publicity, hiring drivers, and fuel costs.

This initiative will not stop with just free rides. Our team in India will keep track of the pick-up sites and make sure nearby churches reach out to them. And, if there are enough converts, help sponsor a new church.

You can send a gift to Matthew 10 Ministries International (earmark it “Srikakulam Trucks”) or make an online donation by clicking here.

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